Much Loved women in Walk This Way

Walk This Way releases the second title of its Premium Films selection: a spirited, realistic and dignified look at struggling prostitutes in Morocco. Moroccan filmmaker Nabil Ayouch's Much Loved will arrive in Denmark, Finland and Norway on 16 May, on Google Play and Amazon.

A remarkable landmark in the history of Southern Mediterranean cinema, Much Loved is the stark, accurate portrayal of the reality of (any) society that is hidden and censored by the very people who found it. Prostitution is at the centre of this much-needed film, a controversial piece in its homeland – lead actress Loubna Abidar was even forced to flee to France after extreme reactions to the story. In it, Noha (Abidar), Randa (Asmaa Lazrak), Soukaina (Halima Karaouane), Hlima (Sara Elhamdi Elalaoui) and others live a life of “love for sale”. They’re prostitutes: objects of desire, flashes of flesh, bodies exposing themselves. While money flows to the rhythm of pleasure and humiliation, these strong women, full of joy and complicity, dignified and free in the kingdom they rule, try to overcome the violence of Moroccan society, which takes advantage of them whilst at the same time condemning them.

Nabil Ayouch – well-known for his previous award-winning film God's Horses (2012) – portrays all of this with a very respectful, subtle style. “Over the course of the film, as the viewer lives among them and shares their most intimate moments, from pain to laughter, Ayouch skilfully and tenderly succeeds in tracing out the fine line between the independence and alienation of these women, who are brimming with vitality, depicting the mixture of pity and respect that they command”, says Cineuropa's Bénédicte Prot.

This new film comes shortly after the release of the second collection of the 2016 edition of Walk This Way. Docs From Around The World gives viewers the opportunity to understand the world a little better through seven compelling and acclaimed documentaries – including Göran Olsson's Concerning Violence, Nikolaus Geyrhalter's CERN and David Sieveking's Forget Me Not, among others – and has been available since 2 May.

Upcoming Premium Films soon to be revealed!

14 May 2016, by Cineuropa