Things we do for love, a Finnish love story

Director Matti Ijäs offers a Nordic take on an unexpected love story with Things we do for love. In what is his 32nd film, available on video on demand from 27 June from the Walk this Way Unexpected Love Stories collection, one of Finland’s favourite directors asks the question: just how much will we do for love?

Vaarala (Sampo Sarkola) is a romantic, shy and lonely photographer, the very image of his own artistic speciality: photographing an empty park bench in the remote and unspoilt Finnish countryside. Vaarala travels the road constantly with his park bench loaded onto his pick-up, looking for good spots and exploring various regions during both day and night. Occasionally he must overcome technical problems, such as the time his vehicle gets bogged down in a stream.

One of his photo sessions lasts longer than he’d planned when Vaarala - unexpectedly - meets and falls madly in love, in his own way, with the hot-headed and impulsive Ansa (played by Krista Kosonen who recently won the Jussi Award for Best Actress in Antti Jokinen’s The Midwife). However, Vaarala’s love will be put to the test, by Ansa’s ex husband, her daughter, brother-in-law and by money troubles.

This is a story full of twists and turns and dry humour, with lively and believable characters and featuring unique photography of Finland in summer as well as winter. Things we do for love contains all the qualities for which Matti Ijäs is so loved by the Finns - and will also seduce audiences in Austria, Belgium, France, Ireland, Italy, Luxembourg, Spain and the United Kingdom.

24 June 2016, by Cineuropa