Lose Your Head: Partying in Berlin will make your head spin

After a very moving debut with While You Are Here (Special Mention for Best Debut Film at Locarno Film Festival in 2006), German director Stefan Westerwelle is back with Lose Your Head, in which the Madrilenian Luis arrives in Berlin to party during a summer weekend.

After a breakup, the uninhibited world of Berlin's nightclubs seems like the ideal way for him to banish sadness, meet new friends and fall in love. During this drawn-out moment of euphoria, Luis (Fernando Tielve, seen in The Devil's Backbone by Guillermo del Toro, and more recently in Six Points About Emma by Roberto Pérez Toledo and in the TV series El Internado) runs into Viktor (Marko Mandic), a Ukrainian clubber who he falls in love with, although the latter seems to be connected to the disappearance of Dimitri, the brother of a young Greek girl (Sesede Terziyan).

His resemblance to Dimitri will plunge Luis into a series of mysterious events. And what begins as a romantic adventure will turn into a desperate hunt through the streets in which he gets increasingly lost between paranoia and reality. Is something shady going on, and is Viktor behind it, or is it just Luis having a bad trip caused by the drugs he took?

In this German psychological thriller, based on a true story that dates back a few years, about the disappearance of a young Portuguese person after a night out at Berghain (the famous Berlin nightclub), Stefan Westerwelle strikes the right tone, mixing ecstasy with a dose of humour - especially during the scene that finds him locked in a stranger's apartment.

Lose Your Head, written by Patrick Schuckmann (also co-director of the film) and produced by Mutter-Film Produktions, had its world premiere in the Panorama section of the Berlin Film Festival 2013 and was released in German cinemas in September 2013.

Included in the Men on the Edge catalogue of the Walk this Way project, Lose Your Head will be available from 22 April via video on demand in Spain, Denmark, Turkey, Slovakia and Hungary.


08 April 2015, by Cineuropa