The Brats - Alain Chabat and Max Boublil make up for lost youth

There’s no better way to cope with the end of the summer than laughter, and Anthony Marciano’sdebut film The Brats is just what the doctor ordered.  

The story starts with a classic boy meets girl scenario. The Brats zips through the various stages of being a couple, from the first kiss to exchanging vows, before delving into the main plot.

The relationship between father-in-law to-be Gilbert (Alain Chabat) and his future son-in-law Thomas (Max Boublil) is the focus here, with the contrast between Thomas, who is ready to give up his dreams of musical stardom for the woman he loves, and Gilbert, who can’t tolerate another second slumped in front of the TV while his wife Suzanne (Sandrine Kiberlain) finds new ways to spend his savings on charity and an organic lifestyle.

Gilbert rediscovers his taste for freedom when the two spend time together. Convinced he’s been given a second chance, and with plenty of money to burn, he sets out to reclaim his lost youth, while trying to dissuade his new best friend from making the same mistakes he did by marrying fiancee Lola (Mélanie Bernier), his own daughter. Thomas gradually gets caught up in his buddy’s excitement as Gilbert embarks on new adventures like there’s no tomorrow. But what price do you pay to live your dreams?  

The screenplay, by Marciano and Boublil, features witty humour that contributes to The Brats’ success. Comedian Alain Chabat (formerly of comedy trio Les Nuls), who plays the lead, shines in the company of Max Boublil, a young French singer/stand-up comedian. Kheiron (an actor in the series Bref on channel Canal) and Arié Elmaleh, brother of the famous stand-up comedian Gad Elmaleh, do well in their supporting roles, as does the excellent Sandrine Kiberlain, whose previous convincing comic performance earned her a Best Actress Cesar award for her role in Albert Dupontel’s 9 month Stretch. These French comedy stars also perform opposite legendary singers Iggy Pop and Patrick Bruel. The Brats pays tribute to music throughout, with its cast, soundtrack and storyline.

The Brats was the seventh most-watched local film in France in 2013, racking up more than 1.6 million cinema admissions. It’s also part of the 9 French comedies in the Walk this Way collection. The film will be available on VOD in Denmark, Norway, Sweden, Italy, Great Britain, Ireland, the Netherlands and in Hungary from 1 September.

Note to fans - the Marciano-Boublil duo also star in crazy comedy The True Story of Robin Hood, which recently hit cinemas in France.

The Brats – trailer:

03 September 2015, by Cineuropa