Dany Boon plays a hypochondriac in Supercondriac

Northern comic Dany Boon, king of hit French comedies, is coming to video on demand! A few years after the huge box-office success of Welcome to the Sticks (seen by 20.48 million viewers in France during 2008, with impressive takings abroad and a successful remake in Italy as well) and of Nothing to Declare in 2010, Dany Boon has written, directed and performed in his fourth feature film, Supercondriac. This popular comedy also marks the second collaboration between Dany Boon and his famous screen partner, Kad Merad.

The plot of Supercondriac centres around Romain Faubert (Dany Boon), who, at 40 years old, remains unmarried and childless. On top of that, his job as a photographer for an online medical dictionary only fuels the hypochondria which governs his life - with all of its worries, neuroses and phobias of germs and illnesses. His only friend, general practitioner Dimitri Zvenka (Kad Merad), bitterly regrets getting so close to this intrusive patient who he has looked after for nearly 20 years. He devises an original solution to rid himself of this needy hypochondriac: help Romain find the woman of his dreams. To do this, he invites him to parties, signs him up on dating sites, and coaches him in the art of seduction. However, finding the rare pearl who could help Romain turns out to be much more complicated than he’d thought.

Dany Boon mocks his own obsessive fear of sickness in the film. As he points out, “Hypochondria isn’t normally a topic for comedy, since the negative connotations it generates tend be quickly exhausted. So my idea was to illustrate the day to day difficulties faced by a hypochondriac in forming human relationships within society (...) I was intrigued to discover how this guy could find love despite his neuroses...”

At the start, the focus of Supercondriac is the illness, which allows the well-known comic to play the clown with all his characteristic face-pulling, shouting and other tomfoolery. The film then moves beyond this initial theme, taking the main characters (Romain and Dimitri, along with Dimitri’s sister Anna, played by Alice Pol, and Anton Miroslav, played by Jean-Yves Berteloot) to the imaginary country of Tcherkistan (these scenes were filmed in Hungary). Here, the main action scenes force Romain to realise that his hypochondria is a trivial matter compared to the real problems in life.

Distributed to more than 800 cinemas in February 2014, Supercondriac attracted 1.7 million admissions in 5 days, making it the most successful launch for a French film since 2011 and the filmaker’s previous work, Nothing to Declare. The Walk this Way film was placed second in the ranking of the most watched French films in France in 2014, with 5.2 million admissions - behind Serial (Bad) Weddings by Philippe de Chauveron and before Luc Besson’s Lucy - and was the 9th most-watched French film abroad during the same year.

Little more than a year and a half after its release on French screens, this hilarious family comedy, 107 minutes long, will be exclusively available in Denmark, Sweden, Norway, Great Britain, Ireland, Czech Republic, Slovakia and Finland beginning September 1, 2015, as part of the collection of nine French Comedies.

07 September 2015, by Cineuropa