Us: When passion gets out of hand

Another Nordic love story with unexpected consequences is on offer from 27 June on video on demand, Us (Vi), the second feature film by the Iranian-born Swedish director Mani Maserrat, written by Swedish director, scriptwriter and producer Jens Jonsson (Quick Money 3 – Life Deluxe, The King of Ping Pong).

Us follows the relationship between Krister and Ida, two teachers who fall madly in love with each other. Their relationship has quick and happy beginnings, from their first meeting to when they move in together, through a series of sexual encounters and professional assistance offered to one another. But Krister reveals himself as preachy, possessive, dominating and jealous, while Ida is unsure of herself, impressionable, and a liar. Their romantic and passionate love story will, slowly but surely, become a war of manipulation, and emotional and sexual humiliation, justly questioning the boundaries between passion and abuse.

Featuring masterful performances from Swedish star Gustaf Skarsård (Kon-Tiki and television series Vikings) in the role of Krister and Anna Åström as Ida, with support from Rebecca Ferguson (seen in Hercules: The Thracian Wars, Florence Foster Jenkins and Mission: Impossible 5), Us is an intense and sometimes unsettling film, described as a “horror film about love” by its director.

Named one of the “five Swedish films to follow” on the website, Us can be discovered in Austria, Belgium, France, Germany, Ireland, Luxembourg and the UK.


Us – Trailer:

04 July 2016, by Cineuropa