Me, Myself, Mum and Walk This Way

Walk This Way will soon release the third title in its Premium Films selection: none other than the flamboyant all-round winner of France’s 2014 César Awards. Me, Myself and Mum, the compelling, bold and hilarious first feature by French actor, screenwriter and filmmaker Guillaume Gallienne will arrive in the Czech Republic, Denmark, Hungary, Ireland, Norway, Poland, Slovakia and Sweden on 11 July through many of the continent's Video-on-Demand platforms, such as iTunes, Amazon, Google Play, Sony, XboX, and key local platforms like Filmin, Flimmit and Universciné. 

One of the most interesting and remarkable titles in recent French comedy, it was a case of love at first sight for everyone who saw Me, Myself and Mum, which triumphed at Cannes, the French box office and, finally, the César Awards (winning the awards for Best Film, Best Debut Film, Best Actor and Best Editing). In the film, Gallienne uses an autobiographical approach to try and answer the question: how do you become a man when your mother and your nearest and dearest have simply decided it’s not to be? Mrs. Gallienne and her son Guillaume (both brilliantly and hilariously played by Guillaume Gallienne) must try and find an answer to this to move forward with their special relationship, one in which she does not treat him like a boy, like her other two sons, but like a girl or, at least, a gay man. But Guillaume is neither, and to everyone’s surprise, he faces the challenge of coming out – as straight.

Guillaume Gallienne – also a member of the Comédie-Française, and winner of two Molière Awards for French theatre – crafts a stunning mixture of conventional comedy and theatre, put together with a rather innovative mise-en-scène, to tell a highly moving story. “Gallienne’s sharp wit and exceptional sense of self-deprecation do the rest, without however forgetting an emotional tenderness which gives Me, Myself and Mum the stamp of a work that might also make you shed a tear in the midst of peals of laughter”, says Cineuropa's Fabien Lemercier.

This new film comes shortly after the release of the third collection of the 2016 edition of Walk This Way. Unexpected Love Stories is a delightful series of films that reinvent romance in a fresh and new way – including Ferzan Ozpetek’s Fasten Your Seatbelts and Doris Dörrie’s Bliss, among others – and has been available since 27 June.

Upcoming Premium Films soon to be revealed!

07 July 2016, by Cineuropa