Walk This Way: explore European cinema, by genre, via video on demand

Unity is strength. Starting this April, 34 European films will be editorialised and distributed on the majority of the continent's video on demand platforms, across 19 countries that are part of the European Union's Creative Europe programme.

Spanish, Danish, Norwegian, Italian, French, English, German, Belgian, Irish, Dutch, Polish, Turkish, Luxembourgish, Austrian, Czech, Slovakian, Finnish and Hungarian film lovers will be able to find a substantial selection of European movies on video on demand platforms.

  • Men on the Edge, a collection of five thrillers and French noirs:
    French films Armed Hands by Pierre Jolivet, Paris Countdown by Edgar Marie, Back in Crime by Germinal Alvarez and Two Men in Town by Rachid Bouchareb, and the German thriller Lose your Head by Stefan Westerwelle.
    Available from 22 April.
  • Docs from Around the World, six brilliant documentaries that will take you from Africa to China:
    Mama Africa by Mika Kaurismäki, Domino Effect by Elwira Niewiear, My Way to Olympia by Niko von Glasow, Sofia's Last Ambulance by Ilian Metev, Harbour of Hope by Magnus Gertten and Red Forest Hotel by Mika Koskinen.
    On video on demand from 15 May.
  • Unexpected Love Stories, four unusual and subversive romantic European stories:
    You and the Night by Yann Gonzalez, Vanishing Waves by Kristina Buozyte, Isztambul by Ferenc Török and Q - Desire by Laurent Bouknik.
    Online from 15 July.
  • Nine French Comedies:
    The Brats by Anthony Marciano, The Dandelions by Carine Tardieu, Paulette by Jérôme Enrico, The Scapegoat by Nicolas Bary, The Gilded Cage by Ruben Alves, Porn in the Hood by Frank Gastambide, Pop Redemption by Martin Le Gell, Attila Marcel by Sylvain Chomet and Superchondriac by Dany Boon.
    To be released on 1 September.
  • A Scandanavian Collection, five films from the far north:
    21 Ways to Ruin a Marriage by Johanna Vuoksenmaa, Gloriously Wasted by Lauri Maijala, The Arbiter by Kadri Kõusaar, Open up to Me by Simo Halinen and King Curling by Ole Endresen.
    On video on demand from 15 November.
  • And finally, a collection of Premium Films, the driving forces of Walk This Way:
    Beauty and the Beast by Christophe Gans (release date 30 April), Is the Man who Is Tall Happy? by Michel Gondry (release date 1 June), Silent Sonata by Janez Burger (release date 15 July), and The Monk by Dominik Moll and Citadel by Ciaran Foy (release date 1 September).

These films come from all over Europe, encompassing various genres with original themes. They are award-winning, star-studded box-office hits by famous directors, featuring original screenplays, adaptations, new releases... This is what the Walk This Way project offers in 2015.

We hope that you will be delighted all year long by the richness of European cinema!

Walk This Way aims to meet the challenges of the digital age by managing the exhibition of more than 30 films on VoD platforms, aided by direct support for technical and marketing expenses.

Supported by the European Commission through its Creative Europe programme, the project was established by the aggregator Under the Milky Way and the marketing agency The Film Agency, and unites nine European sales agents.

To learn more about the project, please click here.

5. april 2015, av Cineuropa