Men on the Edge: Heroes on the brink

As of 22 April, the Walk This Way project will be officially launched on the majority of video-on-demand platforms. . For this brand-new project, the films offered via iTunes, Google, Sony and Amazon across many European countries have been brought together under the umbrella of the Men on the Edge collection.

On the line-up are five European thrillers and detective films with a five-star cast, in which the lead characters find themselves in untenable positions, thrust into situations on a razor's edge, and whisking us away from Paris to New Mexico, via Berlin.

Two Men in Town by Rachid Bouchareb (2014) was a competitor at the 2014 Berlin Film Festival and features the huge American stars Forest WhitakerHarvey Keitel and Ellen Burstyn. The film, shot against the backdrop of the New Mexico desert landscapes, follows Garnett, an ex-convict trying to go straight. However, he hasn't reckoned with local sheriff Bill Agati, who intends to make him pay for the mistakes of his past.

In Armed Hands by Pierre Jolivet (2012), the action takes place in France, in both Paris and Marseille, set against the backdrop of the struggle against arms and drugs trafficking. Actors Leïla Bekhti and Roshdy Zem and singer Marc Lavoine share the billing in this fast-paced crime story.

Paris Countdown (2013), the first French-Belgian feature film by screenwriter Edgar Marie, also has an impressive French cast, comprising Jacques GamblinOlivier MarchalLaure Marsac and Reda Kateb. Nightclub owners Milan and Jonas have broken off their friendship following a deal where they had to inform on a psychopathic criminal. His return changes things: the two former friends have to get back together over the course of one night...

Another feature film, Back in Crime (2013) by Germinal Alvarez, brings together French actors Jean-Hugues Anglade and Mélanie Thierry (winner of the César Award for Most Promising Actress in 2010). A police inspector is mysteriously transported back to the past, some 20 years earlier, just before the murder that led to his first inquiry.

Finally, Lose Your Head (2013) is the German contribution to the Men on the Edge collection. Directed by Stefan Westerwelle and based on a true story, the film is a psychological thriller about Luis, a Spanish tourist (played by Fernando Tielve) who leaves to go partying in Berlin, until he loses control, in every sense of the word. Soon, reality and illusion become mixed up for Luis...

Coming very soon!

6. april 2015, av Cineuropa