Documentaries from around the world: a journey between the past and the future, from Africa to China

Following on from the Men on the Edge collection of thrillers released on 22 April, Documentaries from around the world brings together a selection of six European documentaries, available from Friday 15 May on video on demand.

In Mama Africa (2011), Finnish director Mika Kaurismäki portrays the story of the incredible South African singer Miriam Makeba (1932-2008), who had a huge impact on the history of Africa. To be released in Denmark, Norway and Italy.

The Domino Effect (2014) by Elwira Niewiear and Piotr Rosolowski tackles the story of the prime minister of Abkhazia, a barely recognised Caucasus microstate. Whilst he is organising an international domino event to put his motherland on the world map, his Russian wife is treated like an unwelcome foreigner. Available to view in Spain, Denmark, Italy, the UK, Belgium and Ireland.

In My Way to Olympia (2013), German director Niko von Glasgow embarks on a journey with a number of athletes who are competing in the Paralympic Games in London in 2012. Having a disability himself, he hates sport and does not understand how anyone could voluntarily take on this challenge. Online in Denmark, Norway, Sweden, Italy, the UK, Ireland, Poland, Turkey and Luxembourg. 

In Sofia's Last Ambulance (2012), Ilian Metev follows the daily activities of the 13 ambulances that serve the 13 million inhabitants of the Bulgarian capital of Sofia. Available soon in Spain, Denmark, Norway, Italy, Belgium and the Netherlands.

The documentary Harbour of Hope by Magnus Gertten (2011) focuses on the mobilisation of the Swedish city of Malmö in 1945, which took place in order to take care of the thousands of concentration-camp survivors sent to the city when they were freed. Released in Spain, Denmark, the UK, Italy, Belgium and Turkey.

Lastly, in Red Forest Hotel, Finnish director Mika Koskinen wanted to find out more about how China, the world's economic powerhouse, is investing millions of yuan in recycling and renewable energy in response to climate change.    

13. mai 2015, av Cineuropa