More than a story of Q, Desire

“Whether you whisper it or shout it out loud, whether you are bored or in rapture, everyone loves sex," remarks French director Laurent Bouhnik (24 hours in the Life of a Woman) when talking about his film Q, Desire, available to view on video on demand from 15 July.

Q, Desire tells the story of Cécile (Déborah Révy), a young woman who, following the death of her father, seeks solace from her friends and lovers.

Outgoing and provocative, at ease with her body and its pleasures, Cécile takes up her sexually liberated lifestyle. Through random dating, Cécile will meet several people: Alice (Hélène Zimmer, who has just completed Being 14), a romantic young girl who is a little hung up on her dream of a fairy-tale future, Matt (Gowan Didi), the somewhat flighty boy who Alice sees in secret, and Virginie (Christelle Benoit), a married woman who, after a traumatic experience, can no longer allow herself to be intimate with her husband.

Cécile, who is the object of desire but is free to choose, will cross the lives of those around her with such passion that she will transform them and make them open up to themselves.

"I understood that Q, Desire was above all a film about love, set against the backdrop of today's society, which does not encourage relationships formed through deep attachment, but rather superficial relationships and overconsumption," explains lead actress Déborah Révy.

Filmed in Cherbourg, a few hours from England by ferry (echoing The Umbrellas of Cherbourg by Jacques Demy), the movie is predominately controversial and sexual. Under-16s were not allowed to see the film when it was released in France at the end of 2011, as Desire portrays sex scenes in an explicit manner, many of which are not simulated by the actors...

"To make a film about love without showing it would be as futile as being interested in politics without discussing power. The difference with this film is that they are real and professional actors, with no experience in pornography, who have put their bodies and hearts into their characters," explains Bouhnik. Révy adds, "From the first casting session, I knew that the scenes would be 'non-simulated’. I went following my instincts, even if some people have a vehement view, as it is about exceeding certain limits, especially when it comes to 'hardcore' and you are a woman...”

The highly anticipated Love by French director Gaspar Noé, itself billed as containing scenes of non-simulated sex, which had its world premiere in a Midnight Screening at the Cannes Film Festival 2015, had therefore better watch out.

Thanks to Walk this Way, Q, Desire is available in Denmark, Norway and Spain. Isztambul, You and the Night and Vanishing Waves are the three other films to be found within the Unexpected Love Stories collection.

21. juli 2015, av Cineuropa