Never short of ideas - Hardworking directors and new projects

Dany Boon, Kadri Kõusaar, Franck Gastambide… the list of directors who have made more than one film is impressively long. It seems that they never run out of ideas- proven by their latest projects which are either in development, production or post-production.

Dominik Moll: News from Planet Mars

In The Monk (2011), adapted from the eponymous gothic novel (1796) by Matthew Gregory Lewis, Dominik Moll created a portrait of a man haunted by his own demons and in the grip of an evil karma. After this dark film, Moll is taking on a new project: an existential comedy. It follows the story of Philippe Mars, a divorced father and business executive who feels trapped in his daily routine and out of touch with the world surrounding him. This Franco-Belgian co-production News from Planet Mars began shooting in April 2015. Moll has reunited Belgian François Damiens (Porn in the Hood), Vincent Macaigne, Léa Drucker and Michel Aumont in his cast.

 Franck Gastambide: Pattaya

After his successful feature Porn in the Hood, Franck Gastambide has just finished filming Pattaya. Gastambide flew to Thailand with Ramzy, Malik Betalha and celebrated comedian Gad Elmaleh to film his new action comedy, which follows the crazy misadventures of three urbanites who travel to the other side of the globe. Along the way, they encounter boxing, dwarves and some crude humour… The release is planned for February 2016.
“The film deals with a subject which hasn’t been tackled by the cinema before: the Thailand that is an El Dorado for urban lads… And in order to get there, they decide to sign up their neighbourhood dwarf, without his knowledge, to a Thai boxing championship,” explains the director. He also admits that the film will be more “intense, technical and ambitious” than for Porn in the Hood.

Dany Boon: Raid Dingue, Une jolie Ch’tis famille, The Ambassador, Deadbeat Dad

Dany Boon, one of the most popular French directors and actors, also has a host of projects in mind and is currently working on four new films.
The comedian will again pay homage to his native region in the new comedy he is working on, entitled Une jolie Ch'tis famille. “It’s not the return of the ‘Ch’tis’, just a small homage to my own region,” he explains. The film tells the story of “a hip Parisian designer, son of a Northern scrap dealer, who conceals his proletarian background because he’s ashamed of it,” explains Dany Boon, who plays the part of the designer himself. Filming has already commenced in inner Flanders.
Dany Boon also recently unveiled the name and plot of another film: Raid dingue, the story of a woman who joins the famous French elite police unit RAID. “After Supercondriaque [part of Comedys à la carte by Walk This Way], I said to myself that it wouldn’t be a bad idea if my next leading role was a female,” explains Dany Boon, who offered the leading role to Alice Pol (Supercondriaque). Shooting will begin at the start of 2016.
The comedian has also confirmed some Hollywood projects: Deadbeat Dad (provisional title), a comedy project with Universal Studios, as well as The Ambassadors, which follows an American’s adventures while he tries to get back to the United States by any means possible, with the help of a group of Europeans.

Mika Kaurismäki: The Girl King

Following his documentary Mama Africa, an homage to the celebrated South African singer Miriam Makeba, Finnish director Mika Kaurismäki is taking on The Girl King, a historical saga and remake of Queen Christina by American director Rouben Mamoulian (1933) which starred Greta Garbo.
The Girl King is a portrait of Gustave II Adolphe’s only child, who was Queen of Sweden from 1644 to 1654 (from 18 to 28 years old), and who provoked a scandal when she abdicated the throne and converted to Catholicism. The Girl King will be released on Finnish screens in December 2015. “I wanted to create a ‘modern’ and rebellious character, a contemporary piece, rather than a conventional costume drama,” Kaurismäki stated. He chose Swedish actress Malin Buska (known for her role in Happy End) to play Queen Christine.

Kadri Kõusaar: Nordic Instinct

Following Magnus (2007) and her drama The Judge (2013), (to be released on VoD on November 23 in the Scandinavian Collection), Estonian director Kadri Kõusaar is currently working on her third feature film, Nordic Instinct.
Nordic Instinct- a Swedish, Norwegian and Estonian co-production- is adapted from the novel Lang by the award-winning Finnish author Kjell Westö. It depicts the relationship between a famous writer/television presenter and a much younger femme fatale.
Rising star of Swedish cinema Malin Buska (starring role in The Girl King) will play opposite Mikael Persbrandt (known for his role as Beorn in Peter Jackson’s Hobbit films). The expected release date for this passionate and obsessive love story is sometime in 2016.

vrijdag 30 oktober 2015, van Cineuropa