Unexpected Love Stories: Of Being Lost and Found

Continuing our journey through the Docs from Around the World, the Unexpected Love Stories collection will bring four unforeseen love stories to life, starting on 15 July.

Q - Desire (2011) by French filmmaker Laurent Bouhnik revolves around the character of Cecile, who turns the lives, and especially the sex lives, of several people upside down. The confusing times of an economic crisis set the backdrop for this outburst of passion. Available in Denmark, Spain and Norway.

Another life is thrown into crisis in Hungarian director Ferenc Török's feature film Isztambul (2011), namely that of Katalin, after her husband leaves her for a 28-year-old student. Initially, her self-absorbed family hands her over for treatment in a hospital – until news of her escape to Istanbul forces them to take extreme measures. Online in Belgium, Denmark, France, Italy, Sweden, Great Britain, Germany, Ireland, Poland, Norway, Spain, Slovakia and Hungary.

More surreal, more absurd and more sex: You and the Night (2013) by French director Yann Gonzalez brings together a young couple, their transvestite maid and several guests during an orgy. A famous cast (Eric Cantona, Béatrice Dalle, Niels Schneider etc.) stars in this film that will be available to watch in Denmark, Norway, Poland, Spain, Sweden and Turkey.

Rounding off the Unexpected Love Stories collection is Lithuanian director Kristina Buozyte's Vanishing Waves (2012). In this award-winning film (Austin Film Festival, Karlovy Vary), the director experiments with the human duality of body and mind within the realm of desire. A neuroscientist goes on a lustful and astonishing journey inside a comatose patient, Aurora, after their brains have been linked for research purposes. To be released in Denmark, Finland, Norway and Turkey.

12 July 2015, by Cineuropa