Küss mich - Kyss mig

Küss mich - Kyss mig

Originaltitel: Kyss mig

Regie: Alexandra-Therese Keining

Besetzung: Ruth Vega Fernandez, Liv MjönesKrister Henriksson

Genre: Drama, Liebesfilm

Verfügbar in:US



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Love comes along at the most unexpected times, in the most unexpected ways. A kiss, a touch, can change everything. When Mia meets Frida she is about to announce her engagement to Tim. Unlike Frida, who is openly gay, Mia has led a straight life – so when Frida captures her attention it is quite a shock. To make matters more complicated, through their parents’ engagement, Mia and Frida are about to become stepsisters. But sometimes love is unavoidable. And never easy. In order to be with each other, Mia and Frida are set to struggle through heartbreaking challenges.


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