Original title: Vi

Direction: Mani Maserrat Agah

Cast: Rebecca Ferguson, Gustaf Skarsgård, Anna Åström, Kevin Vaz

Genre: Drama, Romance

Available in:US

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Their meeting is relatively normal. Ida and Krister are schoolteachers who fall madly in love, move in together and begin a life full of optimism and happiness. They start to absorb each other, delving into a sexual dependency that becomes more and more intense. And then, bit by bit, everything begins to break. Happiness turns to sadness, passion becomes aggression, love takes on twists of manipulation and sex turns into a hurtful tool for expressing emotions. Through a sadistic /masochistic whirlwind, Krister and Ida are destined to take their love to the limit. In the end, the only way out is an act of complete and utter humiliation.


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