Origineel titel: Supercondriaque

Regie: Dany Boon

Acteurs: Kad Merad, Dany Boon, Alice Pol

Genre: Comedy

Beschikbaar in de volgende landen:US


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Romain Flaubert is a man who, at almost 40 years old, has neither wife nor child. His job as an online medical dictonairy photographer does not help his deep hypochondria, which has controlled his lifestyle and made him fearful and neurotic for far too long. Hi only true friend is his doctor, Dmitri Zvenka, who after initially accepting the challenge now bitterly regrets taking on his patient. He and his imaginary ailments are impossible to treat and Dmitri would give anything to be rid of him permanently. Dr. Zvenka thinks he has the cure for Romain Flaubert - to help him find a woman. He invites him to parties, registers him on dating websites, forces him to play sport and even coaches him how to seduce and behave around women. However, finding the gem who can support and love him to overcome his hypochondria proves more difficult than expected...


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