Ange et Gabrielle

Ange et Gabrielle

Título original: Ange et Gabrielle

Realização: Anne Giafferi

Elenco: Patrick Bruel, Isabelle Carré, Laurent Stocker, Alice de Lencquesaing, Thomas Soliveres, Carole Franck

Género: Comedy, Romantic comedy

Disponível nos seguintes países:US

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Gabrielle is a single mother of a seventeen-year-old daughter, Claire. Claire is pregnant, but Simon, the child's father, has no desire to be involved with the future baby. Gabrielle takes things in hand and decides to ask Simon's father for help. She hence confronts Ange in his office. But Ange, a hardened bachelor and great seducer, never assumed the paternity of his son and has no intention of doing so now. This first encounter is explosive, but Gabrielle lacks neither charm nor determination.


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