One Man and His Cow

One Man and His Cow

Original title: La vache

Direction: Mohamed Hamidi

Cast: Lambert Wilson, Jamel Debbouze, Fatsah Bouyahmed, Hajar Masdouki, Brigitte Guedj

Genre: Comedy, Drama

Available in:US

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Fatah is a humble farmer in Algeria. His pride and joy is his cow Jacqueline, and he dreams of taking her to the Paris Agricultural Show.One day, to the amazement of everyone in his village, he receives an invitation to the show, and leaves home for the first time, taking a boat across the Mediterranean to Marseille. From there, he sets out to cross France on foot with his beloved cow. Along the way, Fatah and Jacqueline have some surprising encounters in this heartwarming and sometimes uproarious road-trip adventure. An eye-opening and touching journey across the France of today.


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