Dyke Hard

Dyke Hard

Titre original : Dyke Hard

Réalisation : Bitte Andersson

Acteurs : Lina Kurttila, Peggy Sands, Maria Wågensjö, Alle Eriksson, Iki Gonzalez Magnusson, Alexi Carpentieri

Genre : Comédie, Musique

Disponible dans les pays suivants :US

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A wild John Waters-inspired queer comedy following a lesbian rock band's violent adventures back in 1986. Dyke Hard is a failed rock group travelling to a battle of the bands competition in the big city. The journey is further filled with bizarre, fierce and passionate encounters with cyborgs, ghosts, a Thai boxer, roller derby gals, ninjas, motorcycle gangs and a mysterious billionaire all of whom will do everything to stop the band from making it in time to the battle.


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