Attila Marcel

Attila Marcel

Origineel titel: Attila Marcel

Regie: Sylvain Chomet

Acteurs: Guillaume Gouix, Anne Le Ny, Bernadette Lafont

Genre: Comedy

Beschikbaar in de volgende landen:US

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Paul, thirty or so, lives in a Paris apartment with his aunts, two old aristocrats who have raised him since he was two and who dream of seeing him become a virtuoso pianist. His life is made up of the same daily routine, between the grand piano in the living room and his aunts’ dance class where he works as their accompanist. Cut off from the outside world, Paul has aged without ever having lived… Until the day he meets Madame Proust, his neighbour from the fourth floor. This eccentric woman has the recipe for a herb tea that, with the help of music, is able to conjure up the most deeply buried memories. With her, Paul will discover his past and find the key to live his life at last…


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