Au Bonheur des Ogres

Au Bonheur des Ogres

Título original: Au Bonheur des Ogres

Realização: Nicolas Bary

Elenco: Raphaël Personnaz, Bérénice Béjo

Género: Comedy

Disponível nos seguintes países:US

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There’s something odd about the Malaussène tribe; something fishy, some might even say abnormal. But if you take a closer look, happiness reigns in this cheerfully chaotic family, where the mother is always on an amorous quest to spread out the paternity of her various children. For Benjamin Malaussène, the oldest son in charge of this horde and a professional “scapegoat” in a Paris department store, life is never dull. But when strange things start to happen wherever he goes, attracting the suspicion of both the police and his co-workers, it soon becomes vital for him to know why, how, and above all who could be after him. Benjamin leads his own investigation alongside an intrepid journalist known as Aunt Julia to find out answers.


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