Harbour of Hope

Harbour of Hope

Originaltittel: Hoppets Hamn

Regi: Magnus Gertten

Medvirkende: Irene Krausz-Fainman, Stig Kinhagen

Sjanger: Documentary

Tilgjengelig i:US


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In Spring 1945 Red Cross liberated thousands of concentration camp survivors and rescued them to the Malmö Harbour, Sweden. Among the thousands of survivors brought to Malmö were Irene Krausz-Fainman, Ewa Kabacinska Jansson and Joe Rozenberg, the protagonists in the documentary Harbour of Hope. Together with the Red Cross voluntary Stig Kinnhagen and Malmö citizen Bo Fröberg they are telling the amazing story of how The City of Malmö mobilized to take care of the survivors and helped save thousands of lives. In unique archive footage we see 10 year-old Irene at the harbour taking her first shaky steps in freedom. We see newborn Ewa carried from the boat by her mother. And we meet Joe, who arrived as a lonely child without his family. In Harbour of Hope they tell their amazing stories from the moment of liberation to the unsolved mysteries in present time. A film about dealing with war memories, the importance of a helping hand and finding a “harbour of hope”.


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