Circus Fantasticus

Circus Fantasticus

Título original: Circus Fantasticus

Realização: Janez Burger

Elenco: Leon Lucev, Ravil Sultanov, Pauliina Räsänen

Género: Drama

Disponível nos seguintes países:US


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When the deafening rattle of war dies away, Stevo wanders the field where traces of warfare can be seen and his house, badly damaged, still stands. He is left alone with his son and daughter; his wife having been hit by a grenade. Just when it seems that the worst is over, a terrible rumble can be heard in the distance, drawing ever closer to the house. But the vehicle which stops in front of the house is not another killing machine, but rather a wandering caravan called the Circus Fantasticus, containing a group of bizarre yet utterly human characters. Is it possible for something beautiful to happen in this landscape of war and death? Intertwining naturalism with magic poetry, SILENT SONATA unveils a completely new view of war.


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