Kerron sinulle kaiken

Kerron sinulle kaiken

Origineel titel: Kerron sinulle kaiken

Regie: Simo Halinen

Acteurs: Leea Klemola, Peter Franzén, Ria Kataja

Genre: Drama, Romance

Beschikbaar in de volgende landen:US

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Maarit is a beautiful, intelligent and sexy woman – who used to be a man. Struck by the oddity of gender change, she is estranged from the daughter she fathered, her ex life and is working as a cleaner. When she meets and falls in love with Sami – soccer coach, teacher and family man – she finally feels like she can ‘fit in’ somewhere. But Sami is soon put to the test. In a world that considers Maarit a freak, Sami is forced to confront his own deeply hidden prejudices. And as for Maarit, with or without Sami, she has to step into a brave new world where only she can determine her sense of belonging.


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