Original title: Glück

Direction: Doris Dörrie

Cast: Alba Rohrwacher, Vinzenz Kiefer, Matthias Brandt

Genre: Romance, Drama

Available in:US

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Bliss tells the story of the unlikely union between two troubled youngsters living in Berlin. Irina is a war refugee turned prostitute and Kalle a homeless punk. When they meet, they quickly fall for each other in spite of their shyness and the mutual suspicion that's part of life on the street. Against the odds they manage to find a kind of stability and build a life together, living in a small apartment that Irina uses as her office. One day one of Irina's clients drops dead and she flees in panic. When Kalle returns home and finds the corpse, he decides he will stop at nothing to defend the bliss he has found with the woman he loves…


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