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13 October 2017

Papusza, the mother of all cursed poets

Polish couple Joanna and Krzystof Krauze present a gipsy biography, soon to be released on VoD

30 April 2016, by Cineuropa

Five European films about memory loss and the strength of family and love

David Sieveking’s touching personal documentary Forget Me Not, out soon on VoD

30 April 2016, by Cineuropa

Concerning Violence: An unprecedented look into the African decolonisation process

Göran Ollson’s documentary will be available on VoD platforms from 2 May

30 April 2016, by Cineuropa

European films about music: Walk this Way’s Top 7

As time goes by in Shangai, Mama Africa, and Pop Redemption available on VoD

30 April 2016, by Cineuropa

Five European documentaries that question our planet's past, present and future

Population Boom, Energized and CERN coming soon on VoD

30 April 2016, by Cineuropa

Understanding the world with Walk This Way

The VOD distribution programme releases its second collection of 2016, Docs From Around the World, on 2 May

30 April 2016, by Cineuropa

15 European documentaries you should not miss

While the Documentaries From Around The World collection was released on VoD on 15 May, let’s take a look at 15 of the best European documentaries

15 December 2015, by Cineuropa

Red Forest Hotel: Grounded for investigating greenwashing in China

A Finnish filmmaker's account of his days spent in a hotel in southern China while trying to shoot his documentary. Online from 15 May

30 June 2015, by Cineuropa

Malmö, Harbour of Hope for 30,000 concentration camp survivors

Magnus Gertten produces a fascinating documentary about this little-known period of the Second World War. Available on video on demand from 15 May

23 June 2015, by Cineuropa