Unexpected Love Stories

Us: When passion gets out of hand

The romantic drama by Swedish-Iranian director Mani Maserrat now available on video on demand

04 July 2016, by Cineuropa

Reinventing love with Walk This Way

The VOD distribution programme releases its third collection of 2016, Unexpected Love Stories, on 27 June

25 June 2016, by Cineuropa

Interview: Ferzan Ozpetek, director Fasten your seatbelts

“Sometimes in life, sooner or later, everything happens turbulently”

25 June 2016, by Cineuropa

Walk this Way recommends 9 films featuring European Shooting Stars actresses

Bliss, Gold, Life in a Fishbowl, Love is the Perfect Crime on VoD

24 June 2016, by Cineuropa

Five Unexpected lesbian love stories

Alexandra-Therese Keining’s With Every Heartbeat available on VoD from 27 June as part of the Unexpected Love Stories collection

24 June 2016, by Cineuropa

Things we do for love, a Finnish love story

Matti Ijäs’ film will be available on video on demand from 27 June

24 June 2016, by Cineuropa

25 Best Love Stories

Unexpected, unattainable, fulfilled and lost – we have looked deep into film history to select the 25 Best Love Stories

11 November 2015, by Cineuropa

Lithuanian director Kristina Buozyte on Vanishing Waves

“I'm very glad to have had the chance to make a film as I wanted to make it – because this movie is not very standard”

31 July 2015, by Cineuropa

Isztambul: Finding freedom, far from home

Hungarian director Ferenc Török follows a mother who runs off after a difficult break-up. Available on VoD from July 15th

27 July 2015, by Cineuropa

Vanishing Waves: Sea of love

This Lithuanian love/science-fiction film directed by Kristina Buožytė conjures up a unique atmosphere and proves to be very intelligent. Online since 15 July

24 July 2015, by Cineuropa