docs from around the world

The Domino Effect to boost the prestige of Abkhazia

A fiction-style documentary available since 15 May

17 June 2015, by Cineuropa

An uncompromising view of Sofia’s Last Ambulance

Bulgarian director Ilian Metev’s documentary feature debut follows a three-person medical team as it travels around taking care of emergencies in Bulgaria’s capital over a 48-hour shift

27 May 2015, by Cineuropa

My Way to Olympia: Sport for all

Director Niko von Glasow, himself disabled, meets up with five disabled athletes during their preparations for the 2012 London Paralympic Games

26 May 2015, by Cineuropa

Mama Africa: the singer Miriam Makeba, Queen of Africa

Mika Kaurismäki’s musical documentary about the famous South African singer will be available on video on demand from 15 May

14 May 2015, by Cineuropa

Documentaries from around the world: a journey between the past and the future, from Africa to China

Six magnificent European documentaries, available on video on demand from 15 May

13 May 2015, by Cineuropa