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Interview: Gabriele Salvatores, Invisible Boy director

“There was no 14-year-old superhero”

08 April 2016, by Cineuropa

Walk This Way – with The Invisible Boy

The VOD distribution platform launches the first title of its Premium Films selection, an innovative and fresh Italian take on the superhero film genre, on 11 April

08 April 2016, by Cineuropa

Citadel: How do you conquer your deepest fears and demons?

Ciarán Foy's first feature film, available since 30 September, is a psychological horror about a young father suffering from agoraphobia

14 October 2015, by Cineuropa

A word with Janez Burger, director of Silent Sonata

“So I said, ‘If I were to make a war film, it would be completely without any words, because the words in war are lies, so I don’t need them’”

12 October 2015, by Cineuropa

The Monk: A tale of virtue and temptation

Vincent Cassel is tempted by forbidden fruit in Dominik Moll’s The Monk. The adaptation of an 18th century cult gothic novel is out on 30 September

06 October 2015, by Cineuropa

A Silent Sonata on warfare: it’s show business

Director Janez Burger offers a silent allegory of warfare in his poetic depiction of “the show must go on” – as does life

05 October 2015, by Cineuropa

Is the Man Who Is Tall Happy? An animated conversation with Noam Chomsky, by Michel Gondry

A fascinating intellectual and visual ‘unidentified filmic object’, available on video on demand from 1 June

07 June 2015, by Cineuropa

Léa Seydoux and Vincent Cassel, actors in Christophe Gans’ Beauty and the Beast

“A surprising, magnificent, outlandish, fantastic film”

06 May 2015, by Cineuropa

Beauty and the Beast: Léa Seydoux and Vincent Cassel in a fairytale for the young and old

Beauty and the Beast has been hugely successful at the French and international box office. It is available from 30 April via video on demand.

29 April 2015, by Cineuropa

Christophe Gans, Director (Beauty and the Beast)

“I wanted to revisit Belle and place her initiation process at the centre of the story”

05 April 2015, by Cineuropa